AVLinkPro Provides a bundled solution for CRESTRON HOME integration offering the full features and benefits of an intercom
integration to Door stations, Crestron panels and even telephones.

The key to a perfect Crestron intercom integration is:

  • Easy deployment
  • No programming required
  • No additional processor required
  • Works with Crestron CP4-R/MC4-R
  • Control what Crestron panels can communicate
  • Provides panel to panel intercom communication
  • Provides intercom paging
  • Manage intercom paging zones
  • Provides intercom talkback paging
  • Provides access to door intercom relay control
  • Room monitoring with admin controls
  • Identifies Crestron panels and room locations
  • Provides secure communication functions
  • Provides keypad dialing for intercom and telephone calls
  • Can provide telephone integration and communication
  • Full compatibility with most entry intercom relays
  • Works with all AVLinkPro models shipped after 5/1/21*

* Contact AVLinkPro sales for possible updates to existing systems